Rapkinesis is invisible. It is a way of thinking. It is a way of thinking about being clinical. That is, the way you are when you direct  your healing skills towards another — how you put yourself into their service. That’s being clinical.

We all can do it. We all do it naturally — when we listen to a friend’s problem and give some advice, or when we pick up our child after they fall and assess if they are really hurt — that’s being clinical.  Just that some of us will go on and do it professionally.

To be clinical professionally you need a way of thinking and you need a toolbox. Professionals that differ can share a way of thinking about the body, like Rapkinesis.

But what makes your profession different from another, more than what you think, is what’s in your toolbox. As professionals, our thinking has an end. It is there to act therapeutically, to induce health — to treat. It can mean treating individuals or groups, face to face or remotely. But as we are thinking our hand start to move towards our toolbox, and we begin to think about treating.

Out comes the tool, and our similarities as clinicians begins to narrow; we put the tool to use — and now we are singular. Nobody uses that tool like us.

Our way of using the tools that we have is really what sets us off from other professional clinicians. That, and how we interpret what we accomplish with those tools. Using tools and the interpretation of how they work and what they are for, go hand in hand.

So with Rapkinesis we must have a rapkinetics. With a way of thinking somatically we must have way of working somatically, and the toolbox that comes along with it.

You can always share the tools in your toolbox.

When you share the tools and  the instruction for how to use them — that’s called technique.  When you share the technique and the interpretation of what the technique is for and why — that’s already method. Taken generically, method and technique become our theory and praxis.

Rapkinetics is the technique of the Rapkinesis. Rapkinesis can be used by all types of professionals that think about the body. Rapkinetics is more just selective: what’s in your toolbox?

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